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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Intraday Picks

 EXIDEIND (Previous Close: 196) BUY For today’s trade, long position can be initiated in the range of Rs194-192 for the target of Rs199 with a strict stop loss of Rs189 VOLTAS (Previous Close: 846) BUY For today’s trade, long position can be initiated in the range of Rs842-836 for the target of Rs875 with a strict stop loss of Rs820 ZEEL (Previous Close: 219) SELL For today’s trade, short position can be initiated in the range of Rs224-226 for the target of Rs216 with a strict stop loss of Rs229.

What should investors do with Ashok Leyland, Tata Steel & Hindalco?

Indian market witnessed gains for the second day in a row pushing benchmark indices to another record high. The S&P BSE Sensex closed above the 48000 mark for the first time while Nifty50 also scaled above 14,100 levels on Monday.

The S&P BSE Sensex rose 307 points to 48,176, while the Nifty gained 114 points to close at 14,132 on Monday.

Sectorally, the action was seen in metals, auto, IT, and oil & gas while some profit-taking was visible in banks and consumer durables.

Stocks in focus included Ashok Leyland which rallied over 5 percent, Tata Steel that gained more than 7 percent, and Hindalco that rallied more than 6 percent.

Ashok Leyland: HOLD |Target: Rs 122

The stock has witnessed a breakout above its 200-week average with strong volumes and positive price action.

The RSI is also holding above the higher band of Rs 70 levels and will continue to outperform in line with the price action.

Any decline towards the short-term average of Rs 95-97 levels would be a good opportunity to add longs.

Hindalco: HOLD |Target: Rs 288

The stock scaled an all-time high on Monday after trading in a narrow range over the past month.

It has made a double bottom near sub 230 levels and we expect a target of 288 levels which also coincides with an all-time high of 285 levels it achieved in Jan’18

We would recommend holding for a higher target of 288 from current levels.

TATA Steel: BOOK PROFITS at Rs 740 levels

The stock is one of the consistent outperformers in the metals sector and will attempt to test its multi year high of Rs 740 levels in the current momentum.

RSI has inched upwards to 79 levels and risk-reward is not in favour of longs as the recent up move is sharp.

We recommend booking profits in a higher range of Rs 740 levels over the next few days.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

WhatsApp Pay ~ In-Chat Payment

WhatsApp Pay ~ In-Chat Payment

What'sapp is not only a communication tools which is act an important platform for many individual small business entrepreneurs by Whatsapp Business feature, which helps consumers to convey their requirements better to the business persons clarify their doubts by just few clicks and some typing. The key missing component in this business is payment service which includes the user to open additional application or any other payment gateways and complete the payment process.

The introductions of What’sapp pay service and integrate that with what'sapp business sounds great.

"Take the order, send the bill and obtain the payment all on one app"

Businesses are too excited about the idea of doing business and receiving payments in the same window.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Payments is extremely new and limited in functionality in its current state. All you can do is send or receive money at the moment. In comparison, apps like Google Pay, PhonePe and PayTM also allow you to make payments for services and products.

WhatsApp Pay is a Unified Payments Interface (UPI)-based payments service will allow users to make payments to anyone from their WhatsApp contact list; It will enable WhatsApp users to both send and receive money.

The UPI interface allows customers to form instant fund transfers through a virtual address, also referred to as, Virtual Payment Address (VPA). The fund transfer process is fast, easy and may be done on a 24/7 basis on all three hundred and sixty five days during a year.

Whatsapp Pay: Modes of transaction

During the initial phase, WhatsApp Pay allowed users to send money only to their contacts after which it enabled UPI ID. WhatsApp Pay users could enter the UPI ID and send money. Later in March WhatsApp introduced QR code for its payments service. Each WhatsApp Pay user features a unique QR code which users can scan and send money.

Whatsapp Pay in India

Whatsapp's payment gateway WhatsApp Pay has been on its Beta tests for nearly two years and Facebook has been struggling to launch it in India for quite a while now. However, the Facebook-owned messaging application is reportedly launching its payments option in partnership with three private banks in India within the coming months.
Whatsapp's two-year delay even after getting restricted testing clearance from the National Payments Corporation of India was mainly because the corporate faced multiple legal and regulatory hurdles.

RBI has also directed the NCPI to not allow a full-scale launch of a payments business by WhatsApp, on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) till they're fully compliant.
The latest development damages the company’s aspirations to have a payment play in India on the fast-growing UPI network. WhatsApp Pay has been restricted to 1 million users in beta-mode since February 2018. The Facebook-owned social messaging app has quite 400 million users in India and quite 2 billion users worldwide. With these many subscribers to the app, India is that the largest marketplace for the app currently. For this reason, the upcoming WhatsApp Pay service is touted to be hit among the users in terms of digital transactions. In this manner WhastApp Pay aims to require on already established digital payment gateways within the country, mainly Google Pay and Paytm.

Features and Benefits of WhatsApp In-Chat Payment

·        Make payment to anyone on WhatsApp contact list from anywhere and at anytime.

·        User-friendly ‘pay’ feature that makes transferring funds as simple as sending a photo or a message.

·        The payee/beneficiary will receive a payment notification on their chat window once the fund transfer has been made

·        There is no need to ask the payee for account details such as account number or IFSC Code. All you would like may be a virtual address to form payment

·        The WhatsApp In-Chat Payment application is a one-of-a-kind payment feature.

The WhatsApp Payments feature are going to be directly competing with Google Tez and BHIM UPI app. Unlike its predecessors, WhatsApp Payments currently doesn't offer any cashbacks to its users.

WhatsApp security features 

WhatsApp has decided to intensify the safety round the app. In the first beta update this year, WhatsApp has introduced the Authentication feature for an additional layer of security. The feature has been unrolled in WhatsApp beta update 2.19.3 version for Android devices. It is available for devices running Android Marshmallow or higher and equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The Authentication feature on WhatsApp for Android uses either a pre-registered fingerprint on the device or a fresh one on the app. This feature is analogous security feature to what has been seen during a few payment apps just like the Google Pay and Samsung Pay. While there are third party apps which may put a fingerprint lock, it'll be interesting to ascertain how effective native fingerprint protection for WhatsApp is. WhatsApp has already implemented FaceID and TouchID on iOS.

But these features are still under development and it will be some time before they are rolled out for open public. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has begun work on Authentication feature for its Android version. Now already in beta, the feature fingerprint unlock for all WhatsApp is predicted to be unrolled soon. For WhatsApp beta users, they have to travel the Privacy section within the Settings menu.

Here is an choice to enable fingerprint authentication which has got to be toggled on. Once done, the appliance will ask you to register your fingerprint afresh or use the already saved fingerprint data on the device. This completes the setup for WhatsApp's Authentication feature.

Two-step authentication

The two-step authentication feature adds an optional security layer to your application. When enabled, WhatsApp asks users a six-digit passcode whenever you log-in together with your WhatsApp account on another phone. This code is different from OTP, so even if someone gets hold of your SIM card, no one will be able to log into your WhatsApp account.

Biometric Lock

While most Android phones with custom skins on top accompany some sort of app lock, it's safer to use the native biometric lock on WhatsApp. WhatsApp for Android now has the choice to line fingerprint lock for the app, whereas on iPhones, it comes with the choice of setting the FaceID or TouchID for the app– whichever is available for that specific phone. This way, you'll rest assured that nobody is reading your messages while you're away.

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Work From Home- Top 10 jobs in India for your bright future | Online jobs for students without investment

#1 Freelancer Content writing 

The content writing jobs are basically all about writing for a company. Many individuals have good writing skills plus have good qualifications. Content writers are expert writers who create appealing content that is used in online activities. They're Internet-savvy people who design articles, captions, blogs, website content and other kinds of written Web stuff. This job can easily be done by sitting at home and utilizing your time. You just have to research and set your own hours of working. Fixing rates of work all depend on you, free to ask for the financial independence infinite. Freelance work is a fabulous idea to expose your creativity. Unlike a traditional job, you can come to work and go. This is beneficial for women who are sitting at home and qualified.

#2 Data Entry Agent 

Data Entry jobs include inserting data from multiple sources into the company computer system for processing and control. A person working in a data entry job will require to effectively handle a high amount of data that is frequently delicate or private. The person working from home get all the data through the special accounts by the company. They explain everything on a phone call about the working of the company and a lot you work. After that, it's on you to work according to your flexibility and time. Operators of data entry are more easily managed, thanks to excellent technology.

#3 HR-Recruiter 

HR Recruiter to run complete circle recruitment. From recognising potential hires to questioning and judging applicants. That is a complete job of HR in a company. This job is way easy to do at home. A company will provide you with a list of applicants. You can call them and cross question them, after that they can come for an interview in a company. HR Recruiter duties comprise sourcing applicants online, refreshing job ads and handling history checks. Screening CVs and conducting telephonic interviews with applicants is an enjoying job in work from home, you can work in a few hours in a stress-free manner and enjoy doing that.

#4 Online Tutor 

Online educating is the method of tutoring online and adaptable, practical background or networked setting in which tutors and students are divided by space and time. While watching tuition video and even live online video help students to understand better. The travel time is zero and no expense is costed in travelling. This gives education in budget and usually very accessible to schedule. Comfortable access to everything you require for a tuition session. If you have great experience, education and knowledge as a teacher, then you can apply with this job of work from home. It's interesting and self-learning for tutors.

#5 Graphic Designer 

The graphic designer job specifies the whole method of determining elements, visualizing and designing graphics including pictures, logos, designs etc. Using photoshop and coral draw is an easy task. a company hires an online graphic designer gives a description of the images need to be designed and the graphic designer work according to the instructions given by the company. Sitting at home may give refreshing and good ideas to create a unique design. The pay is high of the graphic designers. Its a cheerful job as work from home you have to work in fixed hours which is decided by you only.

#6 Social Media Marketing 

This job is made for the online purpose only as the name itself suggest social media - All the networking sites are part of social media and the social media marketer will promote the company and its products on this platform. Its digital platform is the most trendy job that can be done from home.

#7 Language Translation 

The language translators have the most joyful job. You learn so much from it.No targets as such an easy to cater to the languages you know. When it is a home-based job the level of productivity is much higher than what you think. Writers and translators transform ideas in the original language to similar concepts in the target language. Gather data, such as specialised words used in constitutional frameworks, into glossaries and vocabulary databases to be practised in interpretations of translations.

#8 Web Development 

Web Developer Job role is he/she is for creating, coding and transforming websites from layout to perform and according to a client's blueprints or instructions. In work from the company conveys all the details to web developer provided by the client to the company. They aim to produce visually appealing and attractive sites that highlight the user-friendly layout and innocent navigation. This a home based job a web developer can create websites sitting at home. They have great knowledge of CSS/HTML As a web developer, you'll require to learn the basics of coding and markup language, JavaScript, SEO and photoshop.

#9 Business Development Manager 

Promoting a business can be done from home. You just have to communicate with clients and tell about the products and helps in making a profit for the company. Sitting home and making calls is not a big deal and money making the process. Business development manager job is to recognise sales heads, delivery goods or services to fresh clients and secure a good working relationship with fresh contacts. The work has developed the company by communicating on calls with clients and building a great relationship for the betterment of the company. Discussing fresh product advancements to proposed clients. Managing the expansion of marketing research.

#10 Video Editing 

Video Editings are a home based job which can be easily obtained as Video Editors are usually bound for editing and compiling recorded raw shoots or footages into a proper, complete product ready for programming. The material may comprise a camera dialogue, sound effects, special effects, animation and graphics. Its a money making job and amazing too. No workloads online enjoying in making the series of the shot. Sitting at home and doing this will save your time and you can work according to your mood and environment.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

8 stocks could help investors on lockdown in India

Stock investors prize companies with less debt in India lockdown

Stock investors are rewarding Indian companies with a smaller debt load as solvency has increasingly become a worry in an economy under the world’s largest lockdown.

A basket of Indian equities with the highest credit quality has outperformed those with the lowest by about 30 percentage points this year, according to a Bloomberg measure based on factors including debt levels and cash flows. The divergence in performance widened as fear about the coronavirus outbreak increased in March.

The all-but-certain recession for India in the coming months is forcing stock buyers to think like credit investors, focusing on firms with solid cash buffers to survive the public health crisis. Tracking investor behaviors elsewhere in the world, they are willing to pay a premium for those that have lower debt burdens, or are able to sustain their growth from internal cash.

Stocks to be gears up post coronavirus and lockdown in India

As lockdown restrictions are eased India’s economic activity is expected to pick up, helping market leaders and peers with substantial market share at the forefront to garner business growth.

With the lockdown now coming earning its end, India will soon restart the economic engine. As lockdown restrictions are eased India’s economic activity is expected to pick up, helping market leaders and peers with substantial market share at the forefront to garner business growth, a report said. Sectors like metals, banks, cement, oil & gas, and auto may witness a revival in the days ahead, according to brokerage and research firm ICICI Direct in a research report. A lower infection rate in India has also eased the hasty selling by foreign investors seen in March, the report said as it highlighted these two stocks with the potential to jump as much as 27% in the next three months.

India’s largest public-sector lender, State Bank of India is better placed to gain in the near-term as the economic revival begins. The bank has a healthy CASA ratio off close to 45% and has delivered healthy advances growth at 14.3% CAGR between FY16-19. “Given emergence of Covid-19 and the resulted lockdown, exposure to MSME, telecom and unsecured retail remain vulnerable. As moratorium is lifted, revival in repayment from borrowers will remain key monitorable. Gradual pick-up in credit offtake coupled with healthy operational matrix to support operational performance. Given volatile trend in asset quality, uncertainty looms over near term credit cost and earnings,” the report said. Despite the risks aligned with SBI, the long-term fundamentals of the bank remain strong making it a favourable bet.

Significant selling by foreign investors pushed JSW Steel down by almost 50%, but with the subdued seeling in the recent weeks, the scrip staged some recovery. With an installed capacity of 18 million tonnes per annum, JSW is looking to increase its capacity domestically as well as abroad. “JSW Steel observed a block deal of almost 30 million shares on March 26 near the price of 156. Despite further weakness in the market, it has remained largely above these levels and bounced back. We do not expect it to retest these levels once again,” ICICI Direct said. If construction and manufacturing activity starts in South India, the demand for steel could see a significant increase.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Should I take moratorium?

The covid-19 moratorium offered by lenders looks enticing but could add a significant burden to your interest.

Avail of it only if you are not able to pay your loan EMIs

A few points need to be noted. First, this is not an EMI holiday, but a deferment. This means EMIs need to be paid after three months and interest will continue to accrue. Second, lending institutions may decide to either give it to all the customers or only if the customer asks for it. Borrowers need to check the policy of their lenders since some are planning to give this benefit only to non-salaried customers.

Avail of the moratorium only if you are not able to pay your loan EMIs as your loan will not only get extended but there would be extra interest to be paid overall. Don’t use this benefit for credit card outstanding as the interest that would be charged in the range of 36-42% per annum, and purchases made during the next two months will also attract interest. 
Keep in mind that this is a postponement and not a waiver.

What does moratorium on loan mean?

What does moratorium on loan mean?
Moratorium period refers to the period of time during which you do not have to pay an EMI on the loan taken. This period is also known as EMI holiday. Usually, such breaks are offered to help individuals facing temporary financial difficulties to plan their finances better.

What is EMI moratorium

EMI moratorium

What is a moratorium period?

A moratorium period is basically a length of time during which you enjoy a holiday from your loan EMIs. This means that you do not have to start repaying your loan as soon as your loan gets disbursed to you. Instead you can avail an EMI holiday and begin paying EMIs after a break. This facility helps you plan your finances better, such that you get acquainted with the lengthy obligation of a loan in a more organised manner.

What are the benefits of a moratorium period?

Having a moratorium period of your loan gives you ample time to plan your finances. During this time, you can plan your income and expenditure to take your loan EMIs into consideration. You can use the time to pay for other home-related expenses or simply to save money for your subsequent EMIs. Additionally, a moratorium period benefits you by providing you enough time to switch jobs or fund the immediate expenses you incur after shifting into your new home.

Now that you know about a moratorium period, Any queries feel free to write...

Impact of Covid-19(Corona Virus) on Global Economy

All over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic, religious and financial structures because of the outbreak created by COVID-19. World’s topmost economies are at the verge of collapse such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan and many others.

Very important issues are fallen of oil price which create an impact on Middle East countries, apart from Stock Markets around the world have been pounded.

In just a week 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment and a week later another 6.6 million people started searching for jobs.

Many experts on economic and financial matters have warned about the aggravate condition of global economic and financial structure.

Moreover, Covid-19(Corona Virus) is harming the global economy because the world has been experiencing the most difficult economic situation since World War-II.

All countries need to work together with cooperation and coordination to protect the human beings as well as limit the economic damages. For instance, the lockdown has restricted various businesses such as travelling to contain the virus consequently this business is coming to an abrupt halt globally.

The spread of the epidemic is picking up speed and causing more economic damages.

The jobs of common people are concerned; there is also a real threat of losing their jobs because with business shutting down that shows that companies will be unable to pay to workers resultantly they have to lay off them.

While when it comes to the stock market, it is severely damaged by Covid-19 by looking over the existing condition of several businesses, most of the investors are removing its money from multiple businesses. So, the impact of Covid-19 is severe on the economic structure of the world because people are not spending money resultantly businesses are not getting revenue therefore most of the businesses are shutting up shops.

From this it is also observed that the economic recovery from this fatal disease is only possible by 2021 because it has left severe impacts on the global economy and the countries face multiple difficulties to bring it back in a stable condition.

Most of the nations are going through recession and collapse of their economic structure that points out the staggering conditions for them.

Most of the economists have already predicted about the recession to happen because there is no surety and still no one knows that how for this pandemic fall and how long the impact would be is still difficult to predict.

As Covid-19 has already become a reason for closing the multiple businesses and closure of supermarkets which seems empty nowadays around the world. Therefore, many economists have fear and predicted that the pandemic could lead to inflation.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

10 Best Ways for Students to Earn Money Online | How to Make money online without investment

Today, students can find a variety of jobs on the web and take on them in their spare time to make extra cash. You can use your existing skills to find online jobs, or develop new skills and take on various online jobs for students. If you are a student and looking for genuine online jobs, here are 10 best ways for students to earn money online:

Best Ways To Students To Earn Money Online

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best paying online jobs for students who have a knack for writing and possess good grammar and research skills. You will only need a computer with an Internet.
As a student, you can find writing jobs on various writing job and freelancing sites. Most writing jobs include writing articles, blog posts and copies for web pages. You will be given a deadline to complete an article.
You can pick writing jobs directly from a live job board or have to bid on a job and hope that the job is awarded to you by the relevant client, depending on how the site works. Some sites may require you to take an English grammar and writing test and some may require you to submit a sample or samples of your work while others may require you to take a grammar test to evaluate your skills. If you pass any relevant test, the relevant site will let you take on writing jobs.
Typically, writing jobs pay per word, article or project basis, or based on hourly rate. Some great sites where you can find freelance writing jobs and opportunities include:
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Textbroker
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • WritersDomain
  • iWriter
  • Break Studios
  • LoveToKnow
  • Demand Media Studios
To learn more about freelance writing jobs, go here to learn about 20 ways you can get paid to write.

2. Data Entry

Data entry is a simple job that students with basic computer and fast and accurate typing skills can do from the comfort of their computer. Typically, data entry work involves typing up data fast and accurately for clients. Many students earn money working part-time doing data entry jobs. You can find genuine data entry jobs on the following websites:
  • The Smart Crowd
  • Sigtrack
  • Clickworker

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Many virtual assistant jobs do not require secretarial or administrative skills to do. College students can use their organizational and communication skills they have developed while studying to do virtual assistant jobs for people and businesses. They can offer data entry, social media management, research, website maintenance and other services.
Payments can vary based on the tasks or services provided, hours done, and other factors. You can work with a single or multiple clients around your schedules. Here are some great sites to find virtual assistant jobs for students:
  • Fancy Hands- Read Review
  • Virtual Gal Friday
  • Belay Solutions
  • Contemporary VA
  • Worldwide101
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer

4. Translation Jobs

If you are already bilingual or studying a second language or more, then you can use your language skills to earn some extra cash. Many companies and people need help with translating various types of documents, academic papers, audio files, and much more things into another or more languages.
If you are fluent in one of these in-demand languages, then you can earn some money on the side by providing translation service when you have free time. You can find translation jobs by joining translation agencies or freelance sites. There are different types of translation jobs to choose from based on your skillset. Here are some websites or companies where you can find translation jobs:
  • WordExpress
  • 1-800-Translate
  • Appen Butler Hill
  • SDL
  • WordLingo
  • translators town
  • translatorsbase
  • Translation Directory.Com

5. Taking Surveys Online

One of the best ways students can earn money quickly is to take paid online surveys. There are plenty of legitimate survey companies or sites that will let you create an account with their sites. If you fit the demographic that a survey is targeting, you will most likely qualify to take that survey.  Some great survey sites that pay cash for taking service are listed here.

6. Website Testing Jobs

Website owners often need people like you to test their sites in order to give feedbacks on their certain usability experience to the site owners. The test can take typically 10-20 minutes. Website testers are likely to make $10-$20 per test based on the complexity and length of the test and the company offering the job.
You may need a microphone and webcam to do website testing jobs. Here are some reputable sites that list website testing jobs:

7. Tutoring Online

As a student, There are many reputable tutoring agencies online you can join to find clients that need tutoring in subjects you are particularly knowledgeable. These agencies will let you apply to become an online tutor and connect you with the students or clients that need help in your area or areas of expertise. You can do this work part-time, making some nice extra money to pay bills.
You will need a Skype account and high speed Internet connection to offer tutoring in academic or non-academic subjects. Here are some websites you can check out to find online tutoring jobs:
  • Tutors Home
  • HomeworkTutoring

8. Selling Items on Marketplaces Online

Students can not only sell their old stuff or unwanted things on eBay and other marketplaces online, but also sell items that they have created themselves. You can also buy things in bulk from another supplier or more at cheaper prices and resell them at higher prices. You can earn some extra money by selling your old stuff online. In addition to selling your own products, you can sell your used clothes, text books, unused gift cards, old CDs, DVDs, and much more items online via a number of marketplaces online such as:
You can sell only specific items via some marketplaces while others let you sell a wide variety of used and unused things.

9. Do Micro Jobs Online

One of the best ways for students to earn some extra cash is by doing small tasks or offering small services to businesses and people on a microgig site. There are many reputable microjob sites you can join to advertise your skills and services by posting any job that you can do or service you can sell for a fixed amount of money for each job done or service provided. You can use microgig sites to offer different types of freelance services or to do different types of jobs via your computer. You can post microgigs to offer various services such as
  • Writing for companies and people
  • Editing articles, academic papers, etc
  • Designing websites
  • Designing logos
  • Video editing
  • Social media marketing
  • Maintaining social media profiles
  • SEO services
You can even offer to sing a happy birthday song, create funny videos of yourself, and do more off-the-wall tasks. Marketing your skills is critical to reach out to your potential clients. Landing the first job is important as one job will lead to another sooner or later. If a client likes your work leave good feedback on your work, you can attract more clients. You can get more orders from existing clients if they were happy with your previous work. Popular microgig sites include:
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

10. Blogging

Blogging could be a nice way for students to earn some extra cash.  If you have a favorite hobby, you can just write content about it and share your content with others. You can blog about an academic subject or more you have good knowledge in, or write about non-academic topics on your blog. Once your blog starts getting some traffic, you can use a number of ways to monetize your blog. Read 5 Popular Ways Blogger Make Money for some of the most popular blog monetization methods.
You can create a blog in a 7 easy steps. Choose a domain name that relates to your blog and registrar it with a reputable domain registration company. Design your blog yourself or hire a freelance web designer to do it. Buy hosting service to publish your site on the Web. Promote your blog using various marketing channels. If you write quality posts on your blog on a regular basis, you will be able to attract a lot of users to your blog. Students can run and maintain a blog in their spare time. A blog with a steady amount of traffic can earn a solid side income regularly.


Making money online is entirely practicable for students. You just need to make sure that you whatever job you want to do, or service you want to offer, you are good at that. By earning money online doing an online job or more, students can pay down their student loans, pay bills, save for buying an expensive gift, and achieve any other financial goal.